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A better love life begins with loving yourself first and most. Do you love and care for yourself? I mean do you seriously have your own back? Do you know what you want and are your choices aligned with your desires? Are you seeing patterns in the kind of people or circumstances you attract?

LoveQuest Coaching applies principles of Law of Attraction, Core Energy Coaching™ and other techniques to help you attract, give and keep love starting with love of self.

LoveQuest Coaching was started by Lisa Concepcion, certified Life Coach, Dating Coach, and Relationship Coach. Lisa works with groups and individuals one-on-one to get them from where there are to where they want to be.

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Through the LoveQuest coaching process you will become more aware of your emotions and the guidance they offer. You’ll learn how to shift and raise your energy so you manifest all the great things you want in your life.

LoveQuest Coaching is personal development with self-love at its core and is designed to help people lead unconditional lives without the need to control other people and situations.

LoveQuest Coaching empowers you to be the sole cultivator of your own happiness. Nothing anyone can think, say or do to you will rattle you. Best of all, people will begin to only engage with you when they are a match to your higher vibe. You will swiftly begin to attract like-vibe people and circumstances. You will understand why you attract what you do and will know how to raise your own vibe at any moment. That is power!

From this powerful place, you thrive in your relationship with yourself and others.

If you are single looking for a partner, when in an aware, self-loving place, you attract the right partner. Drama and confusion is replaced with ease and certainty.

If you are in a relationship you start to strive to be happy instead of right. You shift to gaining understanding, communicating with love, inspiring your partner instead of lecturing, nagging or manipulating them. You strengthen your bond, set goals that you go for together!

When you begin to deliberately create your life, you start to reap the rewards of a life based in worthiness, confidence, joy, peace, integrity and self-respect. LoveQuest Coaching helps you to do this.

Through one-on-one sessions done either via phone, video conferences plus the LoveQuest workbooks and seminars you can do on your own; you’re able to get the tools you need to identify and manifest the kind of love and life you want.

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A NO B.S. Q&A with Lisa Concepcion, Life Coach and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching specializing in dating, relationships and self-love.

Q: Are you a matchmaker ? 

LC: Nope. I teach you how to find your match on your own. You know far better than I what you want and your energy dictates what you attract.

Q: What do you mean my energy? I’m not too thrilled about my love life. Does that mean my energy sucks?

LC: It simply means that the more you focus on why you are not thrilled about your love life the more evidence will be shown to you to support that viewpoint. It’s Law of Attraction, a universal law just like gravity. It states: “that which is likened to itself is drawn.”When we focus on what “is” (reality, lack) instead of what’s wanted (LOVE, JOY, ABUNDANCE) we invite more of what “is” into our lives. It’s nice to know we have the power to think our way to a better life.

Q: So how do you help people shift their lives in 30 days?

LC: I won’t bullshit you. YOU are in charge of YOU. So what you give to the process is what you get. Your intense desire for a better love life is what’s needed. You must be at a high desire level. You can’t be rolling with a “take it or leave it” attitude about love of self or others. You must want this! Those who go all in see shifts within the first week after their first LoveQuest session but they stick with it and DO THE WORK!

I don’t wave some wand and poof find you a partner or heal your current relationship. I help you to raise your vibe.So, you can be, do or have anything you want. If you come to me ready to go all in with yourself and have an open mind, are willing to do whatever it takes to help yourself clear the mental clutter so you can shift, then yes, you will see a major change FAST!! I help you to pay more attention to what raises your vibe more than to what doesn’t.

Q: What do you mean “raise my vibe?”

LC: There’s low vibe, mid vibe, and high vibe. You learn more about this in the LoveQuest Coaching program. If you are low vibe about love, then love (or anything you want) won’t come. Your low vibe thoughts will repel it. Or you may attract someone who is also low vibe which can be emotionally damaging. LoveQuest Coaching raises your vibe by helping you to become more aware of your emotions as trusted guidance for how you feel and what your point of attraction is.

When you make feeling great top priority, you become more conscious of how you react to life’s bullshit so you can begin to attract less of it. The higher your vibe, the better you attract. LoveQuest Coaching helps you to reach for more powerful thoughts that serve you and invite in the very things you want to manifest.

Q: Ok let’s say I want to do this. What can I expect?

LC: If you go all in with this and really commit to yourself you’ll fall in love with yourself and will transform your life. I’m serious. You’ll be profoundly changed. Specifically, you can expect to master your ability to call yourself out on your own negative bullshit that’s been holding you back from all you deserve. You can expect a greater sense of self-worth, ease and flow to your life. You’ll feel and see that you are on a path and feel optimistic and purposeful in your life.

You can expect me to ask you pointed and empowering questions that help you tap into what you already know deep within yourself. You can expect to get to know you on a deeper level where you’ll truly be your own best friend. You’ll silence your inner shit-talker and replace it heightened intuition and deep gut sense of knowing.

You can expect to lose friends and gain new ones. You can expect to become more aware of how much of an asskicker you are in your life and how the universe truly has your back. You can start to have true confidence and live authentically with a double barrel middle finger to anyone or anything that hinders your happiness. You can expect to learn to love yourself unconditionally on such a high level, that you will take full responsibility for your happiness and in doing so will be more kind, patient, tolerant of others (without sacrificing yourself for anyone else’s bullshit and self-imposed limitations).

You can expect a clearer, forward moving life delighted by what you attract each day. You can expect to quickly understand why you attract what you do and swiftly pivot from attracting negative to positive. You can expect to feel like a total BOSS, CEO of your life.


Q: What’s your take on therapists, psychiatrists?

LC: When my marriage was spiraling out of control my first husband and I went to a marriage counselor. Their background was psychology. They helped us see why we were in our pit of shit. Looking back, I wish we had attracted a coach either in addition to or in place of therapy. A coach would have instantly seen that we loved each other and just wanted a way out of the pit of shit. A coach would have helped us create a new life that we both agreed on and helped us create a plan to move us towards it. Instinctively I knew that is what was needed.

When I was healing from the double whammy emotional asskicking from my divorce and end of a rebound relationship, I hired a therapist. I was in a bad way emotionally, could eat, sleep, focus on anything. I needed to look out for my mental and emotional health so instinctively I knew I needed someone to explain what was going on in my mind and how to heal.

I experienced the value of both a therapist who shows you WHY you’re the way you are and a coach to help move you towards where you want to be. Listen to yourself. Go with your gut. It will always tell you what you need.

Q: Are you in therapy still?

LC: No but if something profoundly rattled me and made it so I had anxiety or panic attacks, dropped weight because I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep then yes, I would totally book more sessions with my therapist to have my mental health on point. She’s in New York. She’s awesome!

Q: What would you say is the easiest way to attract, give and keep love?

LC: Elevate your consciousness. Focus on yourself and your own happiness first, most and always. Be your own best friend. Treat yourself as you would someone you love. I’m serious. No one will love you more and better than you can love you. Once you handle that you won’t live a conditional life. You’ll be free of trying to control outcomes to satisfy you. You’ll change the way you relate to the world. You’ll attract a situation and think, ok what did I do to attract this, what am I supposed to learn from it and how can I shift my thinking to bring me to a better feeling place?

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