The No BS Guide to Self Love

No one could nor should love you better that you can love yourself. This audio offers you a powerful tool that helps you to give yourself the love you want to receive from someone else. Learn how to deeply connect with yourself, get rid of the negative self-talk, establish healthy boundaries and crush old BS beliefs that hold you back and keep you stuck. Finally learn how to show up for yourself.

The No BS Guide To Dating Online

For those of you who are dating online because everyone is doing it, at least know what you’re doing. Lisa Concepcion applies the brand marketing and PR skills she gained from her prior career. In this audio you will learn how to prepare your mind and raise your vibe before going on a dating app or website. You’ll also learn what to say, what photos get the right attention and how to go from the app to a phone call to a date within 72 hours.



No BS Guide to Relationship Rescue

In this audio Lisa goes deep and shares the exact pitfalls to avoid based on her experience with her own 17-year marriage which ended in divorce. Learn about the most common relationship mistakes and what to do to turn your relationship around before it is too late.

The No BS Guide to Getting Over A Break Up

Break-ups absolutely suck. This audio will help ease the pain, get you sane and will give you some immediate things to do to move forward from a break up. Based on her own Post Divorce Detox experience, Lisa shares exactly what she did to heal herself so you too can get over your break up and rise up like a self-loving badass.