5 Characteristics of Secure Powerhouse Women

Social media is a hotbed for girl on girl drama cocktail made of jealousy, insecurity, a double shot of emotional instability, garnished with feelings of inadequacy. Bottom line, when women succeed there are both supportive eyes and evil eyes upon her. That’s just a fact. My hope is by listing 5 characteristics of secure powerhouse women, it will inspire women (grown adult women) to check their egos. When you look at influential women the all possess similar characteristics. Here are 5 of my favorites and the ones I choose to live by.

5 Characteristics of Secure Powerhouse Women

1. They confront with class. 

Powerhouse women don’t create drama on social media with slander. When a powerhouse woman has an issue, they go straight to the source. Talk badly about a powerhouse woman behind her back and watch out. First, if she’s a powerhouse she has allies. She has eyes everywhere and when she has her proof, she’s coming for you. They know how to assert themselves, aren’t cowards who shy away from confrontation only to talk about the person they have their beef with behind their back. If they don’t like how they are being treated, have an issue with someone; they handle it.

2. They understand there’s enough success for everyone. 

Another woman’s success proves that you can succeed too. Work for it! Women who accuse other women of “stealing” ideas lack confidence in their own ability to inspire others. If someone reads this article and is inspired to write an article listing 5 things successful women do, I wouldn’t be offended at all. I’d read the article and seek to collaborate with the author. Powerhouse women support and encourage other women, even in the same fields. They know success is available to anyone who takes action and they have confidence in their abilities. They wouldn’t dare complain about anyone who achieved success on social media. They know that sort of behavior isn’t productive. It’s pathetic as it only reduces them and makes them seem threatened. Instead powerhouse women are too busy working on their own success.

3. They rid themselves of drama queens and gossips. 

Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Secure, powerhouse women do not surround themselves with people who create drama and gossip. They seek to align with women who are achieving success. They evaluate actions. A woman who speaks poorly to you about someone else to you will speak poorly about you. Powerhouse women value loyalty and respect and are very picky about which they give their time and energy to. They constantly have their antennae up for drama queens and gossips and know how to swiftly remove themselves from that negativity.

4. They surround themselves with inspiring women. 

Powerhouse women support and surround themselves with other powerhouse women. They have very clear standards and values and aspire for more. They want to be around women who are constantly pushing to do more and achieve more. They want to be inspired and pushed to succeed. They seek out women who are knowledgeable, listen and learn from them. They don’t only stick to their 5 friends and go to the same places offering a false sense of importance. They have the girls they socialize with but then they have other women in their circles who are constantly on an upward momentum track.

5. They are always striving to learn, grow and improve themselves. 

Powerhouse women read! If they like fashion, they are studying people like Diane Von Furstenberg and Ralph Lauren, reading their autobiographies. Powerhouse women attend lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, and networking functions. They are always looking to learn from others who know more than they do in some area so they can learn and become stronger. They aren’t threatened they are hungry for knowledge and know where to go get it.

There are many more characteristics that make women powerhouses. It sets women back when we don’t support one another. Hopefully all women can tap into their special value and put it to purpose. Imagine how amazing the world would be if women tempered logic and reasoning with emotion.