10 Ways to End Drama in Your Life

While it might be impossible to have a drama-free life we can certainly minimize drama in our lives. Here are 5 ways to end, or at the very least reduce the amount of drama we attract and participate in.

Want to minimize drama in life? Do these things…

  1. Commit to living a drama-free life.

    You want to decide that your office, your home, your mind is a “no drama zone.” This means making a conscious decision to protect your peace. When we choose to live in peace, we start making decisions from a place of love instead of fear. We get present and calm that ego down.

  2. Say bye to negative people.

    As tough as it is, when you commit to a life of peace and no drama, people with a flair for the dramatic will fall away from you. It’s simple law of attraction. When you refuse to pay attention to drama you simply won’t be a match to it anymore. Negative people who seem to have one chaotic thing happen after the next won’t come to you anymore.

  3. Clear your clutter.

    A cluttered space means the mind is cluttered and that means your mental drama is playing out. Tidying up with the awesome and emotionally freeing Mari Kondo method, which I did in 2017, is the best way to shift your mindset when it comes to clutter. Clearing clutter frees the space for ideas, opportunity and positivity to flow. Having a positive environment you feel great in will ease anxiety and other negative emotions that lead to drama.

  4. End that toxic, unhealthy, dramatic relationship.

    It’s hard to do but it is a MUST if you want to lead a peaceful life of joy. If you’re in a relationship that has you wishing things could be different and are constantly stressed and anxious, admit that this relationship is high drama and end it. If you have a problem stepping away from relationships that do not serve you and instead cause you stress then there’s a deeper issue going on. There are a lot of narcissistic people out there who say they can’t stand drama yet that is all they bring. Love yourself and walk away or be destroyed.

  5. Quit that job or handle your business.

    Being miserable at your job is a high level of drama. Think about it. The people are negative, the work is soul sucking, you’re only in it for the money and feel like every day you’re selling your soul to the devil. It’s time to update that resume, get clear on where you want to work next, get a recruiter and an solid strategy to find new work in 90 days. You can do it. For some added inspiration check out this video I did about using Law of Attraction to call in your next great drama free career move. If you’re in business for yourself maybe it’s time to evaluate your clients, set some new boundaries, raise your prices, make new hires and look for ways to shift the work drama into ease and flow.

  6. End the drama on social media. Block. Delete. Unfollow.

    Social media can be a great tool to connect with friends and family and to promote your business. It can also be a place of digital drama chock full of political debates full of insults and bullying to inappropriate direct messages plus haters and trolls. Decide what you want to see on your social media and then curate your feeds. You can keep the friends but remove the drama by choosing to see less of their posts on your feed (Facebook).

  7. Replace gossip with ideas!

    It has been said that great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Some people enjoy gossip which is nothing but talking about other people’s drama. It’s a form of clutter and it blocks blessings. Cut it out. If you find yourself around people who like to talk about other people’s issues instead of their wins, do your best to change the conversation by asking them what they are most passionate about or what their immediate goals are. Which leads to…

  8. Turn off the news.

    Back when I lived the “grind life” in New York / Northern New Jersey, the first thing I did when I woke up was grab the remote and put on the news. It was an instant data dump of negativity. I had this false belief that I had to be informed. Problem was I was being informed of nonsensical negativity that I really didn’t directly impact me. This whole “need to know” culture went into overdrive when 24 hour news channels needed viewers so they can sell advertising. Before CNN and Fox News and all the rest, the news was only on a few times a day and it covered only the top of the top stories. The world seems more dramatic and full of negativity because it’s being played in the background at work (awful) and in homes (even worse). Since cutting the chord and going from cable to streaming I hardly watch TV at all, skim the headlines and dive deeper on the things I care about and instead listen to podcasts by top entrepreneurs, audio books and YouTube video interviews with multimillionaires and guess what… these successful people like Gary Vaynerchuck and Grant Cardone say “make the news, don’t consume it.

  9. Get a massage or acupuncture.

    Massages and acupuncture especially when done together is a great way to rapidly shift heavy (drama filled) energy and release it from your body where it can store up and cause disease. When I went through my own Post Divorce Detox in 2015-2016, I was getting Qigong massage and acupuncture. The treatment led to one of my most profound breakthroughs in my healing process. You can check out my video on what happened and how within an hour you can release energy blocks caused by drama.

  10. Choose better thoughts.

    So there are two kinds of thoughts, fear based or egoic thoughts or Love based or faith driven thoughts. Since law of attraction is bringing us more of whatever we think about, you might want to think about what you want instead of what you don’t. So right now shift from referring to yourself as being “no drama” to saying “I am peaceful. I choose peace. I love and live peacefully.” Ahhhhh!! What we say matters!! So if you want to remove something from your life, focus on it’s positive opposite and speak that into existence.

Got a great technique that helps you remove drama and add in peace? Message me!