Affordable Love Life Coaching Available Via Monthly Subscription Membership

Since 2014, I have invested over $50,000 in personal development between books, courses, seminars, coaches and therapy. To put this into perspective, my entire 4-year college education at Rutgers University (class of 1993) was $48,000. To succeed, evolve and grow we must invest in ourselves. That being said, I want to expand my reach and help as many people as possible. I decided to offer affordable love life coaching available via monthly subscription membership.

Now this is no way near the level of commitment, accountability and intensity as my full 45 day, or 90 day coaching immersions where rapid breakthroughs occur in every session.

However, this option is ideal for the person who wants to do something at a beginner level, to better themselves.

Many of my social media followers who send me messages, asked me if there's a way for them to just connect with me on a monthly basis for support, advice on dating and relationship matters and... on anything, career, family stuff, accountability for a goal they want to reach, brainstorming ideas, etc.

To meet this request and to offer something affordable that people can take advantage of quickly, I decided to create the…

LoveQuest Monthly Subscription Membership.

It's just $50 per month to join (a 4 month minimum) and here's what you get.

1. One / 30-minute one-on-one call with me per month.

2. Access to a Facebook Group Community with LIVE trainings or open Q&A’s each week.

3. Unlimited 60 minute Skype or FB Messenger (video) calls at the membership rate of $125 (normally $250).

4. Access to me via email, FB messenger, Instagram Messenger, WhatsApp (whichever platform you choose) where you can ask me questions, get advice etc.

5. My weekly LoveBlast Micro-Coaching email.

If you would like to subscribe, simply find me on Venmo @Lisa-Concepcion-3 and send $50, then schedule your 30 minute on-boarding call.

I started LoveQuest Coaching in 2015, and since then, I have communicated with tens of thousands of people across all social media platforms and via email, worldwide who come to me for advice and some uplifting, positivity.

They all have their struggles. However, few actually take full responsibility and commit to lasting change. They complain. They blame.

I used to do this. I wasted years. Then I decided to invest in myself. I put money where my whining was and I transformed.

Trust me on this… If I can do it you can too. Before when I dabbled in personal development, I would spend $20 book which I read but never actually applied to my life. Information without Application doesn’t lead to Transformation. To apply what we learn, we need accountability and a “do or die” level commitment to change. Investing in myself made me commit. I showed up for myself much differently when I was doing a $2000 program with a coach who also showed up for me, than I did some random workshop for $35.

When I decided to enroll in my first course it was $197.00 and I thought this was a big deal. Then the next was $297.00, then, $550, then $797.00, then $2200, then $9,700, then $22,000 and on and on it went.

Every investment was worth it. I learned, got uncomfortable, faced new things to heal within myself and found a new path fully committed to my living a happy, secure, peaceful, prosperous life and…

I still hire coaches. I still attend seminars, workshops and retreats. That won’t stop.

The fact that you are reading this is proof that you want to change. You’re tired of the same BS, want to break patterns and better yourself. Good for you.

Maybe you attract the same type of people over and over. There’s a reason for this.

Maybe someone hurt you deeply and, despite wanting to love again, you find it hard to trust anyone.

Maybe you consider yourself shy, more introverted, and wish you could be more confident.

Maybe you want to reboot your relationship and reconnect.

Maybe you are on the verge of cheating or have cheated and need professional support to save your relationship and want to work with someone who understands infidelity from all sides; someone who has been there.

Maybe you’re going through a break up or divorce and feel alone and misunderstood as you question your whole identity without this other person.

Maybe you’re reinventing yourself and want to create a whole new life.

LoveQuest Monthly Subscription Membership will introduce you to the world of personal development and will absolutely provide you with the support and community you need. You decide how active you’ll be. The tools are available. It is up to YOU to use them.

By signing on you will heal, grow, and transform into a more certain, confident, powerful version of yourself. This is just the first step and you’re a total badass for taking it.

At the very least, for $50 a month, you and I will get to speak one-on-one for 30 minutes and email or text back and forth. If you want to take advantage of trainings and open Q&A inside the private Facebook group, you can. You will also benefit from interacting with other like-minded people in that group.

This also serves as a great maintenance option for those who have graduated from other LoveQuest programs and want to remain in contact, continue the work, and benefit from the mindset LoveQuest Coaching encourages.

I’m psyched to offer this invitation to join this membership program and I look forward to deeply connecting with you and supporting you in your LoveQuest journey.

Want to join? Begin by scheduling your 30 Minute On-Boarding Call and let’s do this.


Lisa Concepcion, C.P.C. E.L.I. M.P., Certified Professional Love Life Strategist, Coach, Dating & Relationship Expert and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching

Lisa Concepcion