How to Attract Better Quality People to Date

A popular question I’m often asked is, “how can I attract better quality people to date.” It makes sense. For most busy Type A professionals, dating requires time they simply do not have. Dating should not feel like another job. The key really is a combination of inner work on the self and then deciding to date with intention. When we commit to bettering ourselves, law of attraction makes us a match for better quality people.

Here are 6 things to do to attract better quality people to date.

  1. Get clear on what you want in your life, both short term and long term.

    Are you going for a promotion that will require longer hours at work or more business travel? Do you have a goal to pay off debt or perhaps invest in property? What do you want to accomplish for yourself in the next year?

    What about 5 years from now? Do you want children? To build a business? It’s very important to get honest about the quality of life you are creating for yourself before you consider inviting someone in it.

  2. Get clear on who your ideal partner is.

    Once you now how you want to live, then it’s time to get clear about who the ideal person would be to partner up with based on what you want to create together.

    If you want kids and you meet a person who doesn’t, then you can swiftly make them a friend and move on. Getting clear about what you absolutely want will help you focus on it.

    Write down all of their high qualities and get as specific as possible. When we focus on the qualities we value we attract others who value the same. Date with purpose!

  3. Believe that your ideal person exists and do not settle.

    That which we envision we can manifest. So this means that your ideal person exists simply because you thought of them. This goes beyond wishful thinking.

    This is quantum realm. Thoughts have energy. Thoughts become things. Our doubt is what gets in the way and repels the very thing we say we want. So cut that out. If you want to date higher quality people believe they are out there and go where they are.

  4. Detach from the outcome of having a relationship.

    This is often the toughest part. We get lonely, bored and we start to focus on the lack of the relationship we want instead of how awesome it will be when it happens.

    We move from expectation to frustration which only repels that ideal love from manifesting. When we are detached for the outcome we attract better quality people because we’re not desperate trying to make something happen.

    Desperate energy attracts takers and game players. Quality people attract quality people and quality people know their worth and are confident and never desperate.

  5. Love yourself!

    Want to speed up the arrival of your ideal partner? Love yourself! Date yourself! Affirm your greatness in the mirror. Tell yourself you are pure love and the best person on earth to you. Do this while brushing your teeth morning and night. When you recognize you are a rare precious gem. The quality of the people you’ll start to attract will improve significantly. Self love is the foundation to a high quality life.

  6. Do what you love and the dates will follow.

    Remember, you aren’t looking for the many, you are holding out for “the one” or at least someone you can see yourself with for a long term serious relationship.

    So get yourself in a high vibe by doing the things that raise your energy level. If you love dancing, do a dance class. If you love dining out, create a dinner group and go out to eat.

    Whatever you thing is that puts you in a great mood, do it as much as possible.

    While out and about enjoying yourself you’ll attract better quality people. Appreciate them so more can flow in and let them all know you are single and available for love.

Lisa Concepcion