Lisa Concepcion’s Life Coach Certification

Hey there! I just wanted to share some details about my coaching cred. If you’re looking for a life coach you get what you pay for. This is very important to understand. You are investing in yourself. You want results that help you to transform your life and in this case, attract, give and keep love in your life.

You deserve a life coach who comes with a process and method designed to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

I value integrity and authenticity. So out of respect for the countless people I am on a mission to help, I made sure I “skilled up.” I already had the 20+ years of public relations and marketing experience however, I wanted to be able to answer the question…

Why should I hire Lisa Concepcion as my life coach?

I purposely decided to invest in myself and study the best, most credible coaching program in the world, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) endorsed by the International Coaching Federation. Put it this way… it’s pretty much the Harvard University of the life coaching world.

Oh and…It calls for me to get coached as I learn to coach others so I signed up, forked over $$$ to get my ass kicked by iPEC’s master coaches.I personally experience the same coaching method I’ve adapted to suit what my vision is for LoveQuest Coaching. All great coaches have coaches. It helps them to continuously elevate themselves.

I learned the process of Core Energy Coaching™created by Bruce D Schneider PhD., who founded the world renowned iPEC. Bruce is a fellow Rutgers University alumnus who essentially brought 20+ years of research and development in the fields of psychology and science of human potential and consciousness to create this process designed to elevate your consciousness. (Which propels you into a supreme level of ass-kickery in your life!)

Core Energy Coaching is a process used in LoveQuest Coaching that elevates and energy level by helping you to go inward and identify the thoughts, beliefs that you know don’t serve you but play as a loop in your head. “Relationships are hard.” “Marriage takes work.” “There aren’t any good people out there.” “I’ll only get my heart broken again so what’s the point?” “I hope they like me.” “The one’s I like don’t like me.” These are some of the common examples of head noise LoveQuest Coaching helps you to silence as you pivot towards creating a new mindset and language to help you to radically transform.

LoveQuest Coaching also incorporates Law of Attraction, which I have dedicated over 1000 hours to study and practice. It works. It’s what brought us every single person and circumstance in our lives, perceived good or bad. Law of attraction brought us together right here right now.

I apply it to my life daily and it’s allowed me to deliberately create the kind of abundant life I want in my present moment as I move towards all I want for my life and the world.

Being conscious of your own “vibe” which you learn more about in your LoveQuest Coaching program, enables you to live in a state of appreciation of the present as you move towards the amazingly awesome future you envision for yourself.

Once you master your own mind you start to wave the BS flag on any limiting thoughts. THEN you start to attract the people and circumstances that make life consistently awesome.

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