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LoveQuest Coaching Programs

For Couples

If you are in a relationship or marriage or are engaged and want to set goals as a team, be accountable, inspired, motivated as you deepen your bond and connection, strengthen your communication skills and tap into that state of ease and flow together in love, we can help with that.

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Conscious Communication for Couples


Create a safe space for open, honest communication without judgement.

Learning how to communicate in a way that resonates with my husband literally saved my marriage. Like Lisa, I too have that tough New York, take no crap attitude. She showed me exactly how she transformed her communication style and helped me see my toughness was rooted in fear and the result of not being allowed to express myself as a kid. Lisa helped me and my husband shift our communication style from competition to collaboration, love and respect.
— Michael and Linda, BayShore, New York

The Power Couple

Get the tools you need to create a powerful, purpose-driven, forward-moving, and growth-inspired relationship.

My husband and I are real estate investors and bought our 4th property and got pregnant around the same time. We wanted to hit some major goals before the baby came so we can focus fully on the baby and really enjoy becoming first time parents at 40!! Lisa helped us get over our Type-A go at it alone mindset and included help from our parents, his brother and my two sisters who flew to locations to view properties in person when I wasn’t able to fly. We really pulled it off thanks to Lisa.
— Stephen and Laurie, St. Petersburg, Florida

Relationship Rescue


Someone messed up and now you’re doubting if you can ever get it back. If you’re stuck having the same arguments without any solutions, this program is for you.

Save your relationship and make it stronger than ever before.

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I met my wife in college in 1998. She’s my best friend but we fell into this cycle where we were too focused on work, kids and extended family that we forgot about us. Lisa helped us break bad habits, empower our kids and address old hurts that were festering. We were able to do a lot of cleaning up to our marriage. We now know the exact tools to use to keep us checked in with one another and stronger for everyone else.
— Paul and Stephanie, Ridgewood, New Jersey

Pre-Marriage Prep

Modern day marriage preparation for millenials and anyone who wants to start their marriage off right with success.

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