Divorce is a motherf*kker!

Lisa’s been through it and now guides others through the labyrinth of emotions, thoughts and beliefs found in the pot of the hot mess stew of divorce.

You need to feel validated and heard. Your perspective and feelings about what went on matters. They’ll tell you to be strong but inside you feel afraid, anxious, angry, sad and you’ll pivot from one emotion to the next at the most random of times.

This transformative program is A MUST for anyone going through or getting over divorce.

Your friends and entire family will have their opinions. You’ll feel out of sorts and alone. You’ll be confused thinking, “do I date? Should I wait? How do I even rebuild my life after this?”

This program provides you with the mindset necessary to preserve your peace, maintain your own sanity, deal with feelings of guilt, failure, uncertainty, sadness and navigate any concerns of financial implications from a position of clarity and power.

The divorce detox takes a good look at the lessons learned from the marriage, dispels limiting beliefs, creates healthy boundaries and gets you through the process feeling reconnected to yourself.

You will end this chapter in the long exciting novel of your life’s journey and determine what you truly want to create for yourself next and the thoughts and beliefs to make it happen, even if that means taking time just to be with you.

It takes a village to get through divorce! While I have great friends supporting me during it, I knew I needed someone to give me the freedom to work through the range of emotions that comes with divorce. As I discovered more and more truths about my wife’s actions in the year or so leading up to our divorce, I was enraged, sad, confused and hard on myself. It was calculated betrayal and Lisa always provided encouragement, clarity, validation and even supported my purchasing a brand new truck, something my now ex-wife always talked me out of.
— Dave, 44, North Carolina

In this program you will:

  • Get coping tools that help you avoid arguments, negative energy of any kind as you both become a team moving towards a win-win divorce, co-parenting or just establishing what your new post-divorce relationship will be (if any).

  • Get strategies for dealing with emotional attachment to material possessions so you don’t have a 2-hour bitter fight over a souvenir you bought 5 years ago on vacation.

  • Make feeling great your top priority to maintain your well-being.

  • Get scripts you can follow when speaking to your kids regardless of age about the divorce and the new life you’re creating.

  • Create an agreement based on personal integrity, respect, self-worth, which establishes how communication takes place with your ex and when.

  • Learn the practice of self-care and not get sucked up in emotions that don’t serve your greater purpose of happiness and well-being.

  • Reconnect with yourself on a deep profound life-changing level tapping into a strength you never knew possible.

  • Grieve the marriage in a healthy manner so you can truly rebuild yourself and emerge ready for love again.

  • Gain clarity on who YOU are as an individual outside of the marriage.

  • Learn when the time is right to date again and how to go about it.

  • Understand Law of Attraction (the power of thought and energy) and how to use it to create a new chapter of your life.