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Lisa’s Full Story

I’m Lisa Concepcion and I’m the founder of LoveQuest Coaching. I’m a professional life coach who specializes in dating, relationships and self-love. This basically means I help people to love themselves first and most so they can attract, give and keep love in their lives.

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Throughout our lives, we experience many relationships and grow from every one of them. The relationship that matters most is the one we have with our divine inner being, our Source. The more connected we are to Source, the more unconditionally we love ourselves and the less we’ll need to control others in our quest for love and happiness. Self-Love is everything!

What follows below is much more on me, my story and what led me to becoming a certified coach passionate about helping people truly and unconditionally love themselves first and most. We are all here to make a mark. My goal is to change the way people view relationships, commitment and romantic partnerships. So scroll down, read on, get a sense of who I am. Pay attention to similarities between my story and yours. Law of attraction is an amazing thing. Then let’s connect and get started.

My Story

So, who the hell am I? What makes me qualified to help you succeed on your LoveQuest? Well first I’ll explain what a LoveQuest is. We are all on a LoveQuest. Our souls came here to love and be loved. So we go through life mixing it up with different people who we attract (friends and family included) and this journey is what I call a “LoveQuest.”

I also add that only YOU know what is best for YOU. There’s nothing wrong with you. Where you are right now is where you are supposed to be. The answers that best serve you are inside you. My job as your life coach, dating coach or relationship coach is to ask you the questions that help you to find the answers that reside within you. When you discover the answers that work best for you, you shift in a major way. This is how results happen and you begin to attract love in your life.

When we silence the distracting noise, handle our, assumptions, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that gets between where we are and where we’d like to be, we immediately begin to see a positive shift in our lives.

My own life’s journey led me to take my marketing experience, which spanned two decades, to becoming a life coach. I committed to studying about Law of Attraction, the Core Energy Coaching™ method of life coaching, a self-awareness method called Inner Bonding and other techniques designed to transform. Today, as a certified life coach I promote myself and my mission to help others attract, give and keep love starting with love of self.

So if you’re fed up with one dating disaster after the next, or are stuck in the past replaying relationships that you need to move forward from or; are in a relationship and just want to nourish it and solidify it with values of joy, peace, loyalty and respect, or you’re cool with rolling solo for a while to reconnect with loving yourself first and most, I work with you to get from where you are to where you want to go. If you’re unclear about where you would like to go I help you get clarity on your desired life. Then we start the journey towards it. It’s fun and transformational.

Like you, I know about love’s big wins and big losses. I’ve experienced courtship, deep love, codependent love, conditional love, break-ups, make-ups, engagement, marriage, infidelity; couples therapy, reconciliation, separation and divorce; only to crank up on love once again. When you have faith in yourself and love for yourself, it is impossible NOT to attract the faith and love from others.

When it comes to life experience, I have loads. However, your life and your experiences make you unique. I might be able to relate to you and have compassion and empathy for you but I never actually walked in your shoes. Your story is yours! I simply help you to determine the story you now want to tell.

The Married Marketer

From 1994 until 2009, I worked as a public relations executive in NYC and northern NJ on some of the most recognized brands in the world such as Colgate, Palmolive, Gillette, Duracell, Sprint, Princess Cruises, Kellogg’s, Jiff, Smucker’s, Avon, Lancôme, Mary Kay, Polaroid, Ambien and dozens of others. 

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The economy shifted in 2008 and by 2010, I was pushed into working on the best brand I’d ever work on… myself. The universe has a way of putting us into a total upheaval, pushing us out of comfort zones so we grow. That growth, I’ve learned, never ends. There are always contrast, more lessons to learn as we mix it up exploring everything we create in our lives. When we know what we don’t want we instantly ask for what we do want. The work becomes aligning with what we want so we become a vibrational match to it. Then, we manifest it. In my LoveQuest workshops you’ll learn about your thoughts, whatever you focus on; either good or bad, manifests.

You will gain POWER over your own thoughts and begin to deliberately create your life as opposed to reacting to it.

While I was working doing PR for the cool brands, I was also the wife of my college sweetheart and best friend.

We met in 1991. We were 20. It was a simpler time before cell phones, texting and social media. We embarked upon our own LoveQuest that led to marriage by age 27, a home in a New Jersey suburb and a nice, comfortable life. We even made our own Italian sauce for the entire year, every September.

Despite being such close great friends we weren’t self-loving. We were unaware of who we truly were. We were both disconnected from our Source, our divine inner beings. So, it led to a very conditional life needing conditions to be just right to feel happy. This conditional living is common, exhausting and a trap in that it leads to a spiral of control and manipulation.

As many couples, we failed to truly get to know and love ourselves as individuals first. I wanted to get married because to me it meant freedom from over-protective parents, adulthood and validation of my worthiness. Marriage satisfied a belief that if someone loves me then that means I am good and of value. This common thinking is backwards. Love yourself first and most. Take 100% full responsibility of your own happiness. Release yourself from the impossible task of making other people happy. Free them and free yourself so you can truly love.

The belief that someone else’s love is the key to your value and self-worth is a trap. The desire to find someone to make you happy, is another trap. It took me years to realize that our worth is given by Source (some call it God) and our happiness is 100% our individual responsibility and no one else’s.

In trying to make others happy we lose ourselves and become misaligned with Source energy. When we focus on feeling great and take full responsibility for how we feel, we inspire and uplift the people we love to feel great too. We raise our energy and raise the energy in others. In expecting other people and situations to be just so to make us happy we lead conditional lives trying to control others. It’s an exhausting trap of an existence.

Eventually, in the case of my marriage conditional living and misalignment with our own inner beings led to a drop-in communication, disrespect, mistrust, disloyalty, and frustration. We got lost. In our foolish need to control conditions, we did hurtful things to one another. It was bad. We tried couples therapy and felt it was like putting a Band-Aid on a tumor. Therapy, while helpful focuses on the past and helps people to discover WHY they are where they are. I often say I wished my first husband and I manifested a couple’s coach. A coach helps people to accept where they are, identify where they want to go, the life they want to create and then creates a plan to get there. Today, wiser, I decided to offer the very coaching I wish my first husband and I needed to others. My goal is to save marriages and help people rediscover themselves within a partnership.

In 2010, after 12 years of marriage and being together 19 years, we separated. We were separated for 4 and a half years, another lesson in self-love. Never allow yourself to exist in emotional limbo. 

2010 - Miami Beach Adventures

The then husband announced he would move to San Diego after we sold our home. I’d be without a place to live and left with furniture and our dog. A voice inside said, “Lisa, go to Miami. You’ll be happy there.” 


I decided to take my sad little broken self to the sunshine. I needed light and warmth. I left New Jersey, New York, my family, friends and all I knew that was safe and familiar and started on a new unknown path. It was time to begin a new chapter along my LoveQuest for myself, by myself and inside myself. My journey to self-love would begin.

I was 39, alone and pushed into the dating scene in Miami, Florida. Imagine the mind shift! Within 30 days I went from being a someone’s wife living in a home in Bergen County, New Jersey to being ‘sort of married’ living in a one-bedroom apartment on South Beach. After 12 years of marriage, it was a tough shift to make despite my tough exterior showing otherwise.

I was hurting.

My best friend, a man I knew for over half my life; was across the country living in San Diego. My head was spinning and my heart was broken. There was no stability and stability was the very thing I longed for my whole life.

A friend introduced me to Kabbalah and it inspired me to reach higher spiritually. I couldn’t get through this dark time alone. I was too lonely, too sad. I started to read books about Kabbalah and it helped bring me some peace. It wasn’t until 4 years later where I’d really get into Kabbalah which kicked open the door to a much more spiritual life. Another lesson learned, find a spiritual practice and do it in some form daily. This grounds you and connects you to your Source and others in a more profound way.

So here I am sort of married, sort of single in emotional limbo. I’d put on the make-up, the cute dress and heels (and of course the bikini) shoulders back, head held high ready to hold court like a Queen. Come on King! Find me! Make this madness go away! If only I met a great guy then I would be fine! This is what I thought. This is what many people think. I now know better. Who I really needed to reconnect with was my own Source; my divine inner being.

The problem was that I missed my husband. I made him the source of my happiness so when we separated I needed to fill that void. I was looking outside to fill up what I could only fill for myself. The partying, champagne bubbles and attention from handsome men was a just distraction from the work I truly needed to do on myself. I had to learn to love myself plain and simple. I had to learn how to cultivate self-worth from within and not have it hinge upon a career or a relationship. I had to learn how to revel in my solitude. I had to be my own best friend. I had to learn to love myself first and most.

Six months after separating, my husband moved to Miami to be with me. I was happy yet I felt insecure. We still didn’t have a purpose or plan, nor the self-love necessary to rebuild our marriage on a strong foundation. We focused on what we didn’t want instead of what we wanted. We stopped appreciating one another. We remained separated and stuck in a limbo place of split energy. In the LoveQuest programs and workshops you’ll learn about split energy and how it keeps what you want from manifesting and how to recognize it and pivot into a focused place of power.

2013 - Big Dreams and a Spiritual Practice

As this emotional storm is underway, I’m working to get my career on track.

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Miami is very different than New York and after two and a half years of freelancing here and there; I manifested a job as Director of Marketing & Public Relations for NY Times Best Selling Author, International Sales Master, entrepreneur and self-made multimillionaire Grant Cardone. Working with Grant inspired me to use my own special gifts and talents to help others. It also made me hyper anxious about my own financial future. Grant is all about entrepreneurship and freedom. I too wanted to become a self-made multimillionaire. I too had big dreams and knew that to fulfill them, I had to do so on my terms.

I dove deeper into Kabbalah and it put me on a spiritual path that led to understanding Law of Attraction and quantum physics to deliberately create the life I want one thought at a time. The more I walked my path the more the universe provided the people and circumstances that would serve me, even the ones that seemed horrible and were incredibly painful.

2015 - Climbing Out from The Ditch

In 2015, I decided to invest in my personal and professional growth. I had reached a point where I knew I couldn’t keep doing the same thing the same way wishing for a different result. I had to raise my own standards to be better, learn and grow. I had to love myself first and most.

I wondered why my relationships wouldn’t go anywhere. I kept attracting men who just wanted casual fun, yet I wanted a deeper connection and a commitment. But, how can I commit to anyone fully? I was still technically married. I was noncommittal to myself by remaining legally married! So how can I possibly expect anyone to commit to me if I can’t even commit to myself?

Having had enough of being stuck, I decided to ask my husband what we were doing? This was when he suggested we get divorced. I always had hope of reconciliation. I never thought this would happen to us. We never even spoke of divorce ever yet here we were. It was the saddest I ever felt.

In my sad state of mind and energy, I made the mistake of not going inward and turning to my primary relationship; the one between me and ME, my Source. I was so sad and broken that I attracted someone even more sad and broken than I. I ignored my better judgment, my intuition and entered a 5-month rebound relationship which felt like 3 years. He was a depressed broken man and now, looking back, should have been a LoveQuest client, not a boyfriend. I had no business getting romantically involved with this man. Yet, this relationship overlapping with my divorce was the one-two knock-out punch that launched me into the necessary cultivation of unconditional self-love.

This rebound relationship rattled me to my core because deep down, I knew better. I ignored the many red flags and hurt myself putting my faith and well-being in someone other than myself. When this relationship ended, I was in a tailspin. I felt as if I was pushed into a 30-foot ditch and the only way out was to climb out on my own. I was, for the first time totally alone. Yet, I wasn’t. I’d come to realize that I had Source! Source never leaves us so we are never, ever alone. We always have ourselves.

I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and was in emotional turmoil. I lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks. I lived on chocolate milk, fruit shakes, yogurt and soup. My stomach locked up. I cou’dn’t eat certain foods I’d associate with the rebound guy, steak, oysters, mussels. I couldn’t go to certain places without being triggered by a sound. My mind wasn’t right. I was in big trouble.

I took full responsibility for all I attracted in my life. I started to dive even deeper into self-care, and working on healing and understanding me. I read and listened to Law of Attraction guru, Abraham Hicks, and other spiritual masters, therapists and even neuroscientists. People like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Margaret Paul, Jennifer Grace, Jen Sincero and others were part of my “team Lisa.”

I hired a therapist and committed to two critical things first, healing from my divorce and the loss of my best friend, and learning to love myself unconditionally; first and most. I also gave myself a timeframe to shoot for.

I did what I called my “90 Day Post Break-Up Detox.” I took to social media and documented my personal journey in daily videos. I meditated, wrote in my journal, exercised, and committed to fully healing myself. I refrained from dating anyone. I spoke to my therapist every other week, listened to law of attraction guru, Abraham Hicks every day, and after a few months a stronger self-loving version of myself emerged.

I was me! Lisa Concepcion. I got my driver’s license and my passport in my maiden name. I thought I would be sad about changing my name and instead, I felt powerful. I was feeling much better, happier, clearer, excited for what I could create. I also felt strong knowing that no one will ever love me better than me, that I AM NEVER ALONE! I am with Source and Source never leaves me, ever. I finally knew that no one could hurt me because they’re not responsible for my happiness. I AM!

I am love.

I am truth.

I am a badass!

2016 - Happy and in love with me

New Year’s Eve of 2015 marked the end of a year of upheaval. I was excited for 2016, a year that was a year of healing and positive manifestation 


I asked the universe to show me a sign if I should start dating again and I asked to bring me someone fun! I started dating again and I was clear on what I wanted and how I was to be treated. I was ready for something serious. After being totally free and only in a relationship with myself for 6 months I got to a happy, high flying, place of true inner badassery.

On May 15th 2016, I went out for a Sunday Funday at an outdoor restaurant to meet some friends. I was feeling great and really, reaaaally happy. I was vibing high and I met a man. When he shook my hand, I knew that he was someone I had to know. I wasn’t sure if he was meant to help me in business, in love, or life, or all three but I knew with full certainty that he was someone I had to be around. I attracted him from a happy self-loving place. I was clear about what I wanted and I expressed it with love. I told him I was 45 and did a lot of work emotionally to get to where I am now. I told him I knew I wanted a serious relationship based on joy, respect, peace and loyalty. I told him I was interested in commitment in a real partnership. He responded, with, “Lisa I hear everything you said, I’m 51 and life is too short for bullshit. We’re still together and every 15th of the month we check in with one another. “Yep, I’m in for another month, are you?”

2017 - present - All Business

I decided to use my experience to help others as a certified life coach, dating coach, and relationship coach. Given my background in Public Relations, I take credibility and ethics seriously. I wanted to offer exceptional quality coaching so I enrolled in iPEC, an intensive coach training program accredited by the International Coach Federation. It’s pretty hardcore requiring loads of training at Florida International University where I coach and get coached by people affiliated with the most credible coaching program in the world.

I apply everything I learn, all these amazing tools under the Core Energy Coaching™ process created by founder Bruce Schneider Ph.D.

I learn from the best coaches and get coaching from them myself. These are people who coach at Fortune 500 companies, coach CEO’s and other business leaders. My specialty focuses on that of life coach, dating coach and relationship coach and I apply all the cool methods and techniques I learn through iPEC providing you with tools that get to the core and inspire change from the inside out.

I get to help people just like you to reconnect with themselves, their Source and make them aware of their energy, their point of attraction, their vibrational frequency and how their thoughts and beliefs shape their outcomes. You can be, do or have anything you desire if you focus on what’s wanted and rid yourself of any negative thinking, limiting beliefs or damaging self-talk.

You attract what you are ready for. You’re powerful and the universe it always serving up the right website, the right people, the right circumstances to help you. You were led here. You know far better than anyone what is going on in your life and where you want to be. People hire fitness coaches to help them get their bodies in shape, people hire life coaches, like me to help them get answers from within themselves. From a place of self-love, we attract love.

Working on the self never ends. We all want to attract, give and keep love. I’ve learned the hard way, through many tears and disappointments that the LoveQuest begins with love of self, first and most. Are you ready to love up on yourself and others?

Abundance Always,

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You made it all the way down here. You must be ready to get started!