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Narc Detox

How to get over your ex and get back to yourself so you can emerge wiser, stronger and even grateful for the experience.

This is the process that Lisa did on herself that set her along the path to true transformation! Now she shows you how to get over your ex and get back to yourself so you can emerge wiser, stronger and even grateful for the experience.

First 30 Days

It’s normal to feel like you’re in a ditch, replaying moments and conversations, ruminating over empty promises, disappointment and even betrayal. You’ll begin to shift from feeling awful to feeling better as you gain more clarity of what just happened. This is usually when there’s an effort for getting back together, more stressful calls or the ghosting or no contact leaving you deeply hurt and confused.

Days 30-60

Midway you’ll shift towards anger, then closure, hope, and optimism as you “do you.” You’ll start to love yourself first and most and will never put your happiness in the hands of anyone but yourself. By this time you have some strength back and will know exactly how to handle yourself should they reach out to you. You’ll be on your way towards creating your new life on your terms.

By Day 90

You will reach a sense of peace and renewal. You’ll raise your vibe and will never be rattled by anyone ever again. The way you approach dating and relationships will be forever changed. You will be transformed!

As a codependent daughter to a mother with narcissistic personality traits, I always lived in the shadows of the men in my life. I never spoke my truth. I tolerated harsh criticism, disrespect and thought proving my worth by giving more was the answer. Then I found Lisa. She helped me see my greatness. I AM WORTHY!
— Shelley, 60, Toronto Canada

In this program you will:

  • Get over your ex.

  • Effectively handle all post break-up drama such as texts, emails, unannounced visits, social media BS, gossip, etc.

  • Learn about how your emotions serve you and how to make them your best guide.

  • Get coping tools that help you heal.

  • Process the relationship and all that can be appreciated from it.

  • Acknowledge sabotaging patterns and finally break them.

  • Become your own best friend and end the ruminating, incessant self-talk that is harmful and keeps you stuck wanting someone who doesn’t want you or… if you ended it, lead to feelings of doubt and guilt.

  • Make feeling great your top priority to maintain your well-being.

  • Form a relationship with yourself based on personal integrity, self-respect, self-worth, and self-love.

  • Reconnect with yourself on a deep profound life-changing level tapping into a strength you never knew possible.

  • Grieve the relationship and any betrayal in a healthy manner so you can truly rebuild yourself and emerge ready for love again.

  • Create your new lifestyle and form new habits that move you forward towards the life you want to create.

  • Learn when the time is right to date again and how to go about it as not to attract the same “type” again.