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Single, ready for true love, or healing from a break-up or divorce?

We’re here to help.

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LoveQuest Coaching Programs

For Singles

If you are single and ready for the “real deal,” a relationship based on loyalty, trust, mutual respect and fun, yet struggle to meet someone who shares your values that you’re attracted to and have chemistry with, then check out the programs below. We’ve created this programs which offer customized, one-on-one coaching so you can really get the attention you need in order to get the outcome you want.

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Dating With Purpose


Change your mindset, get a focused strategy, take intentional action, and attract what you want.

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I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I wanted a relationship. I knew this. Yet all I was attracting were guys who were unavailable and not ready for a commitment. Lisa showed me exactly what I was doing wrong, helped me get clear on how to handle myself on dates and added her marketing magic to my dating profiles. By the third month I had a boyfriend. Best investment ever.
— Tamara, 38, Corpus Christi, Texas

Self-Love Mastery

Learn to love yourself first, most, best, and always. This LoveQuest Program helps break bad habits and patterns as you fall in love with yourself. Heal your past, make peace with decisions from back then, speak your truth, ask for what you want and step up to care deeply for yourself.

Before Lisa, I was the guy who cared so much about what people thought about me. I was so afraid of rejection that I would shower women with dinners, gifts and trips. I became a magnet for gold diggers until one suckered me for close to $25,000. That’s when I saw Lisa on Facebook and reached out. She helped me to get to the root of my fear of rejection. I learned how to really show up for myself. replaced old beliefs with new ones and started to improve my self talk.
— Jerry, 53, Miami Florida

Post Break-Up Detox


Break-ups are rough and this program gets you feeling better fast. Then it provides the path to true transformation.

Get over them, and back to you.

My break-up was awful. I was stalking him on social media, unable to sleep, my stomach was in knots. I thought I was going to marry this guy and after 3 years of a volatile relationship, he cheated on me. I was devastated and felt worthless, discarded. I sent Lisa a text at 3am her time after seeing a post on social media that ruined me. She wrote me back a minute later, “girl, block him and love yourself, power up buttercup.” I cracked up laughing through my tears and right then I took my power back, blocked him and didn’t look back. Lisa keeps it real.
— Melanie, 36 Scottsdale, Arizona

Post-Divorce Detox

Going through or getting over divorce? This program provides you with the mindset necessary to preserve your peace, and maintain your own sanity.

I got divorced and started dating right away. I was on the dating apps and bouncing around on that for over 2 years. Nothing stuck. I would date for a few weeks. In just one session with Lisa she asked me 3 questions that brought me to my core issue. I never had someone acknowledge me and encourage me the way Lisa did. I signed on for her 90 Day Post Divorce Detox and her one-on-one coaching changed my life. I’m serious. If you’re divorced and stuck, hire Lisa.
— Melinda, 44, Palo Alto, California

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