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The Power Couple


Get the tools you need to create a powerful, purpose-driven, forward-moving, growth-inspired relationship.

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You came together to do more in the world than work, pay bills and die. This program is for the couples who set big goals and want to crush them both individually and together.

Many couples have big dreams at the start but then life gets in the way. The “to-do” lists and daily obligations take hold. Months turn into years and the important conversations and commitments never happen. You drift into a comfort zone where you’re simply existing together.

A Power Couple always seeks to learn, improve and grow. They want that added edge. They want to create time instead of complain that they don’t have enough. They want to accomplish big things in their businesses and lives and want to be held accountable to their own desires.

If there’s a lot of love but too much routine and a desire to shake things up it’s time to set some massive goals. You need a purpose that you both can commit fully to. DO THIS TOGETHER! If you have deep love yet feel a disconnect something is up.

Are you where you want to be financially, with your health, with the kids, lifestyle or in your businesses? If not having a coach to help you determine what is next and break it down step-by-step and HOLD YOU TO IT, increases the speed by which you achieve.

Rooted in the desire for abundance and true unconditional love, the Power Couple program bonds the couple not by analysis of the past but instead, forward momentum towards a bright, joyous, future… together.

Thanks to Lisa, we went from just dreaming to doing and combined our side hustles into a full-time business. Our LoveQuest Journey was so eye opening. We thought only couples who were in trouble needed a coach. Lisa helped us see that we had the money but were afraid to make the leap. When we got to the root of the fear we were able to support one another to shift it. It brought us closer and now our business is kicking ass!
— Chris & Trina, Massapequa, NY

In this course you will:

  • Identify what you want to create as a couple now in your lives.

  • Establish roles that allow people to play to their strengths and OWN it.

  • Understand the power of true unconditional love and unconditional living.

  • Commit to peace and forgiveness, squish beefs and move forward.

  • Understand Law of Attraction and how to use it to serve you.

  • Understand and master intuitive listening which encourages people to share more.

  • Establish a “safe zone of trust” which encourages openness without judgment.

  • Create a NEW, powerful, negotiation method that quickly settles disagreements.

  • Learn how to approach family, friends, children and even the family pet as a unified front.

  • Get the tools necessary to build a marital bond based on mutual respect, trust and forward momentum towards achieving goals and creating a new stronger bond than ever before.

  • Have better more connected sex, earn more money and feel better and healthier.