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Conscious Communication for Couples


It’s not what we say to the people we love but how we say it.

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Words can either inspire us or destroy us.

We’ve all felt the sting of unkind words, accusations and a judgmental tone. It reminds us of when we were being scolded as children, made to feel bad or inadequate. How we are spoken to by those who claim to love us matters.

Unfortunately we speak more kindly to strangers and more respectfully to coworkers than we do the person we chose to share our lives with, through good times and bad, no matter what.

Some couples, get along great, are the best of friends but exist on the surface and struggle to speak openly and honestly about important matters. Some even avoid talking about serious issues such as sex, money, parenting, family, health and future planning.

Communication is the key to collaboration and a successful relationship; one that is rooted in honor, respect, forward momentum, achievement requires excellent communication.

We all crave connection and good, open, honest, communication, especially in our primary relationships, is the foundation to trust.

When communication is off, there is bickering, nagging, nitpicking and judgement. There is also a feeling of not being heard, respected, valued, and understood. Once there is disconnection, there’s danger.

This is when the door opens just a crack for someone else to provide the communication that is missing. Most affairs begin because someone felt unheard and felt heard by someone else.

Our marriage has been F*CKING AWESOME since we did Lisa’s 90 Day Program. We kept up with good communication and quality time. Thanks to you Lisa, we are really in a good place and loving life...together.
— Brittany & Frank, Tennessee

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to speak to your partner in a manner that inspires collaboration and forward momentum as a team.

  • Create a safe space for open, honest communication without judgement.

  • Learn how to ask for what you want, and get it.

  • Learn the words that trigger positive or negative responses.

  • Experience an immediate positive shift to the energy within the relationship.

  • Get the secrets to radically change the way you communicate.

  • Learn how to open up and express freely and fearlessly.

  • Learn how to master the tough topics like sex, money, parenting and outside influences.

  • Learn how to use language to evoke the best in your partner