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Pre-Marriage Prep


This is modern day marriage preparation for millennials, and anyone who wants to start their marriage off for success.

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You got engaged!! Congratulations!! Now what?

What do you want your marriage to be about? What do you both stand for?

A wedding is a party, a celebration. A marriage is a whole other game.

When two strong self-loving individuals come together and are committed to a loving partnership based on respect, joy, peace and goal achievement, they become a high functioning team.

*****Programs are available as gifts! Contact us if you would like to purchase this and any other programs as a gift.

Every couple getting married needs to do this program. We got on the same page about everything important to us as individuals and as a couple. Most couples get caught up with wedding plans. Lisa reminded us that the wedding is a party and the marriage is a whole other thing. She flagged some bad communication habits and helped us quickly shift them. She helped us reframe the way we spoke to one another. The Year One Goal Setting was AWESOME!! Instead of being bummed out after our honeymoon, we hit the ground running psyched to crush goals and love up on each other.
— Kevin and Brianna, Westbury, NY

In this course you will:

  • Establish who you are and what you stand for as a couple and team.

  • Learn how to approach family and friends as a unified front.

  • Have open discussions and establish plans regarding living arrangements, finances, and 5, 10 year goals etc so that you already have a COMMITTED PATH going into the marriage.

  • Navigate and handle any challenges and triggers that may come up along the way.

  • Get the tools necessary to build a marital bond based on mutual respect, trust and forward momentum towards achieving goals and building a great life together.