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Relationship Rescue


You can save your relationship and make it stronger than ever before. Let’s untangle the knot that has you lost.

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You might be asking, “how the hell did we get here? How did this happen? How did I allow this? Was I oblivious?” Your head is swirling with questions. You once were happy and now you’re not and you are at a point where you either fix it or end it.

Maybe someone messed up… BAD and now you’re doubting if you can ever rebuild trust.

As long as you choose to turn towards one another before it is too late, you do have a shot. You’ll need to wipe the slate clean and paint a new picture.

If you’re stuck having the same arguments without any solutions, act now. DO NOT DELAY!!

It is time to the root of the knot that has you both all tangled up in resentment, harsh words and tone, control, judgement, fear, so that you can truly forgive and move forward.

If you would rather create a new future than re-hash the past, THIS is your opportunity to transform your relationship.

Lisa has been through infidelity, stagnation, and divorce. She knows the exact pitfalls that YOU must avoid, the dangerous conversations and temptations and guides couples who truly want to work it out.

My girlfriend and mother of my 6-year-old son kicked me out of our home. She was tired of my bullshit and wanted me to grow up. I saw Lisa speak at a networking event and knew her straight forward style was exactly what I needed if I was to level up and get my family back. Lisa helped me go from behaving like an immature punk to becoming the man I knew existed inside of me. Within 45 days, I was back with my girlfriend, and engaged. My son is happy, and we’re all together again, setting goals that we know we can accomplish together.”
— Giano, 30, Miami, Florida

In this course you will:

  • You both will have the freedom to be heard.

  • You will NOT be judged.

  • You will be given the tools necessary to move you forward and out of the past and tools that help you to shift to seeking solutions, solve conflicts, set goals, create new standards and relationship agreements that are rooted in respect for self and one another.

  • You will negotiate and create a game-plan that you both feel good about.

  • You will learn about your patterns, triggers and how to be responsible for your own happiness first and most.

  • You will establish new boundaries and strengthen your bond with a relationship that is rooted in mutual respect, forward momentum, unconditional love, ease and flow.

  • You will emerge stronger… together.