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Dating With Purpose


Change your mindset, get a focused strategy, take intentional action, and attract what you want.

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You date and date and it goes nowhere.

Look, I know your situation. My clients experience this all the time.

You’re on the dating sites and the dating apps. Or, you can’t even imagine using a dating app and would prefer to meet someone face-to-face, old school style. Either way you’re not getting anywhere with dating. Instead you’re feeling anxious, frustrated, doubtful, even depressed.

And… it’s messing with your confidence.

As soon as you enroll in my LoveQuest Coaching Dating With Purpose you finally, once and for all…


I’ll help you declutter the mental garbage, the words, the BS beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts. AND THEN…

You add in a whole new mindset that raises your energy making you a match for the love you envision in your head and feel in your heart. You ready?

In this program, you’ll learn how to date with purpose, gain clarity on exactly what you want and how to attract it. You’ll also understand your patterns of thinking which brings you the same results over and over. You’ll learn how to switch your mindset and within 30 days, your vibe will shift. Your dating experiences will rapidly improve, with less drama, less BS! You will begin to date with purpose.

If you want to attract the “real deal,” and are done spending time and money on dating to nowhere, THIS is the package for you.

After only two sessions with Lisa, she helped me see what i was doing wrong and most importantly WHY I was doing it. It was a major “holy sh*t” moment for me. Lisa helped me end bad dating habits and behave as a grown ass woman ready for a serious relationship. I faced insecurities, shed many tears along with 15 pounds and 5 inches of hair. The “new me” was actually the “real me” and two weeks after my LoveQuest journey ended, I met Seth and did (and still do) everything I learned. Dating with clear purpose changed the game for me.
— Jenna, 37 Chicago, IL

In this program, you will:

  • Gain focus and extreme clarity on what you want so you can begin to attract it.

  • Understand Law of Attraction, how it works and how to use it to manifest what you want.

  • Understand how to be aware of your current point of attraction, why you seem to attract the same types and how to shift towards attracting better.

  • Learn the specific questions you must ask based on what you want and most importantly how to ask them so an open flow of honest communication takes place.

  • Create your “personal statement” that succinctly explains to a date what you are looking for in a manner that is uplifting, inspiring and rooted in self-respect.

  • Understand and master intuitive listening which encourages people to share more.

  • Get an assessment of how you are presenting yourself on dating sites and apps. Lisa includes FREE profile editing for clients who purchase 4 or more sessions.

  • Understand how to elevate your vibe so you can “vibe high” on dates and approach every date with a positive attitude.

  • Work through your limiting beliefs keeping you from the love you want and deserve.

  • Expect to meet a high vibe match within 90 days.

  • Get tools, resources that Lisa used and continues to use such as free video content, book suggestions, personality assessments, free guided meditations and more!